The Tao of Martha : My Year of LIVING, or Why I’m Never Getting All That Glitter Off of the Dog by Jen Lancaster

The Tao of Martha

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Anyone who follows my posts on this blog will notice that I don’t usually read a lot of “books for grown ups.”  One of the reasons I became a Tween & Teen Librarian is because working with teens is good cover for the fact that I still read (and sometimes act) like a teen!  ;-)   So, when one of my friends suggested I read this book, I told her she was crazy.  She assured me that it was something I would love and that I should just go for it.  Boy, am I glad I listened!  I felt right at home with Jen Lancaster’s sarcastic sass.  I think she could be my new BFF if we ever met in person…  And I also think this book may very well be the literary/memoir equivalent of a Melissa McCarthy movie!  People sometimes tease me that I am “going all Martha” when I prepare themed birthday parties for my kids, host elaborate holiday dinners, and make homemade gifts for teachers, friends, and family.  While I quickly acknowledge that my work is not as perfect as Martha’s, I enjoy the process and the satisfaction of a job well — or well-enough! — done.  And though I’ve had my fair share of crafting and cooking fails through the years, I’m not sure I could ever write a book that tied them all together so well and with so much humor.  I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants a laugh out loud reminder that we’re not all “Marthas,” and that’s OK!


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