Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen
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I loved this quick read YA fantasy.  It reminded me of The Hunger Games series.  This fantasy world is divided into the Silvers and the Reds (based on the color of your blood).  The Silvers are the rulers with special powers, and the Reds are the slaves working day and night to ensure the comfort of Silvers.  The story centers on Mare Barrow, a Red, and this determines her identity.  She’s a thief from a large family, trying to survive in a cruel world.  Unexpectedly she is thrown into the royal palace as a servant.  But, in an instant, her life takes a new turn.  It is discovered that Mare bleeds Red, but  possesses a very distinct superpower — one that could overthrow the crown and the hierarchies of the Silvers and Reds.  Thus starts the battle for the power of the kingdom and for loyalties. . .  I just got the sequel to start reading, and I am looking forward to the adventure continuing.

The Murderer’s Daughter by Jonathan Kellerman

The Murderer's Daughter
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This was my first time reading this author, and enjoyed him.  The book was advertised as a thriller, but basically it’s a psychological thriller.  The story follows the life of Dr. Grace Blades, a psychologist, who has a special gift for treating troubled souls, people who have experienced certain traumatic events.  Her own past is very dark, which makes her a fascinating character.   The novel switches from the  past to present day, explaining Grace’s troubled past, which ends up coming back to haunt her grownup life.  Her upbringing was very twisted, which was disturbing.  However, I enjoyed it seeing how she overcame it to become the successful woman she was.


The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

The Language of Flowers
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I’ve always believed that giving flowers meant something.  However, until I read this book, which explains the meaning of flowers that originated in the Victorian era, I had no idea how they could be used to communicate feelings.  Do flowers speak to us in this way ?  I really don’t know, but it’s nice to think so, and the author has wrapped this language into a wonderful story.

The Language of Flowers tells the story of Victoria, a girl who has never known the security of a real family or home, having been tossed around between foster homes as a child.  Switching between Victoria as a child and then as a young adult, the novel tells the story of her haunted past and how she came to love and understand this language of flowers, which eventually finds her love and happiness.  An easy read that was touching.