Across the Universe by Beth Revis

This book begins on Earth, with Amy and her parents preparing to be cryogenically frozen.  They are about to be packed onto a spaceship [Godspeed], hoping to travel for 300 years, become reanimated (thawed out), and then terraform a faraway planet (make it livable/like Earth).  Amy overhears the workers saying that the launch has been delayed a year.  One whole year she could have spent with her family and friends on Earth!  As these thoughts send her into despair, she is glad that they won’t last long; she will be unable to think once she’s frozen.  But, then, she is frozen… and she is still capable of thought.  Still conscious of the passing time.  Talk about a torturous existence!  Then someone unplugs her a full 50 years before the estimated landing time, and she will be older than her parents by the time they are reanimated.  Chapters alternate between Amy and a guy named Elder, who will soon be the leader of the people aboard Godspeed.  If you like dystopias and science fiction, you HAVE to read this book!

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