Omega Days by John Campbell

Omega Days

Another Zombie apocalypse novel.  And well worth your time!  Well drawn characters battle for their lives in an America ravaged by a zombie horde.  Father Xavier Church questions his faith, as one might imagine, but shows bravery and skill in surviving and leading other survivors.

Skye Dennison, an incoming college student at the University of California, Berkeley, watches as her family is killed.  After her own rescue she learns to defend herself.  Young and brave, her driving purpose is revenge.

Then there is Angie West, star of a History Channel reality show that features her family’s gun business.

Our characters fight for survival and move toward a final gathering that presages the next book in the series.  As the book switches between the adventures of each small group, the reader feels sorry to leave one group, but the next is even more intriguing.  Zombie fans take note!

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