DRACULA by Bram Stoker


Dracula:  The audiobook!  Recommended by reviewers for its cast (every audiobook should probably be read by a man and a woman together).  Susan Adams and Alexander Spencer bring this old story to life.  If you have seen the newer movies and tv shows of Dracula, you will not recognize the story, so much has been changed from the original tale (1897).

Jonathan Harker’s travels and experiences in Transylvania and at the castle create a growing horror as you tiptoe down dark hallways with him and see specks of light moving and growing into mysterious figures.  When Jonathan finally realizes the danger he is in, the listener will root for his seemingly impossible escape.  Our heroes are a likeable group of characters and the evil Count is suitably terrifying.

The book is a famous classic and the audiobook is just that much more thrilling in audio.  The story loses none of its edge and is superior to many of its modern incarnations.  Highly recommended!


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