Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Doctor Sleep
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I took a long break from Stephen King, so when I heard that he was writing this book I was very excited.  The Shining was a great book, so I was intrigued as to how he would pick up the story of Danny Torrance all grown up.  This book did not disappoint me at all.  Dan struggles with a drinking problem just like his Dad did in The Shining.  As he struggles with that, he’s suppressed his “shine.”  His friend from the Overlook Hotel, Dick Hallorann, makes a return visit in this book, and he serves as the conduit between past and future.  Since Dick cannot be with Dan to face these new demons, a new character arrives on the scene that has the “shine” even stronger than his own.  The monsters in the story are appropriately creepy and scary.   I would recommend this sequel If you’re a King fan, and especially if you loved The Shining.