Nightwoods by Charles Frazier

Charles Frazier, the author of the best selling  Cold Mountaun and  Thirteen Moons, hits a home run  once again with  Nightwoods, the intriguing and suspenseful story of a young woman living a solitary, isolated life in rural North Carolina.  Luce is content with her life as the caretaker of an abandoned lodge, far from the nearest small town.  Her harsh upbringing has led her to belive that people will only hurt and disappoint her, so she lives off the land, with only rare human contact.  Her world is upended when she becomes the guardian of her murdered sister’s children.  Damaged by witnessing their mother’s brutal murder, they will not speak and are interested only in setting fires.  As she struggles to find  a way to bring the children back to reality, Luce also finds her own life opening to both hopeful and sinister elements that will alter her views forever.  Although set in the  1960s, this timeless story will touch readers who enjoy stories with lush settings and compelling, characters.