Runner by Thomas Perry

Jane Whitefield has been happily married for nine years.  For ten years prior to her marriage,  she served as a guide to help people in need to disappear and start over with new identities.  She was a very good at that, but it was dangerous, and she promised her husband she would quit.  Jane has kept her word — until now, when there’s a pregnant woman on her doorstep with nowhere to go, and killers right behind her. It looks as if Jane will have to come out of retirement and help one more deserving person become a runner.  Most recent of an excellent series.

Third World America: How our Politicians are Abandoning the Middle Class and Betraying the American Dream by Arianna Huffington

Written by the founder of The Huffington Post and popular liberal pundit, Third World America describes the effect our current economic climate is having on the middle class. Jobs are disappearing, our infrastructure is crumbling, education suffers, and middle-class Americans are described as “an endangered species.”  Extremely readable, with many chilling examples of economic and personal loss, this book makes concrete suggestions for averting catastrophe. Liberals will love it and conservatives, while not agreeing with all her assertions, should find much of interest, too, as Huffington offers hope for difficult times.